Our innovation - Indian Army Sleeping bags
(-50° degree sustainable)

The innovative Loftherm™ technology boasts exceptional heat retention and insulation capabilities, achieved through the utilisation of functional microfibers. These microfibers, being smaller in size compared to those found in other synthetic insulations, offer superior air-trapping efficiency, resulting in increased warmth and comfort.

Product Line & Technology

Wadding is a soft and cushioned material commonly utilised in textiles and clothing for a variety of purposes. Made from synthetic fibers like polyester, it serves as padding, insulation, and shaping in products such as Quilts, Bedding, Clothing (e.g. Jackets, Vests, Gloves), and Upholstery. Wadding adds warmth and comfort while offering support and structure to the final product

With Loftherm™, you'll experience premium insulation and fabrics without even seeing them. This innovative brand creates products that are both felt by you and gentle on the environment.


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LOFTHERM is a registered trademark of Shubh Swasan India 2023