insulation technology. Unlike traditional

enormous heat storage and an optimal insulation performance


Synthetic Fiber Clusters

trapping heat within small air pockets to retain warmth

LOFTHERM Sphere™ is a revolution in insulation technology. Unlike traditional, continuous-filament synthetic insulations, the small round LOFTHERM® synthetic fiber clusters closely to mimic down clusters; trapping heat within small air pockets to retain warmth.

Independent CLO testing has shown that LOFTHERM™ technology can offer the low weight, loft, warmth, and compressibility of down with the wet-weather insulating performance of synthetics.


  • Lightweight
  • Phenomenal warmth in cold and wet conditions
  • Packs neatly into zipper pocket (not all styles pack into zipper pocket.)
  • Insulates even when wet
  • LOFTHERM is a registered trademark of Shubswasan. 2023
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